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JSC Syzran Refinery is located in the Samara Region and has been a member of the Samara Group of Rosneft refineries since 2007.

The construction of the Syzran Refinery began before the Great Patriotic War, and the first batch of oil products was produced in 1942. In the early 1970s, the refinery's capacity was expanded and modernized: primary oil refining capacity increased by 40%, hydrotreatment and bitumen production capacity increased by more than 70%.

The project capacity of the refinery is 8.5 million tons of oil per year. The refinery processes West Siberian crude oil, crude oil from the Orenburg fields and crude oil produced by the Company in the Samara region. Secondary processing facilities of the plant include catalytic reforming units, fuel hydrotreating units, light hydrocracking units, catalytic and thermal cracking units, isomerization units, bitumen and gas fractionation units, and a benzene fraction separation unit. The plant produces a wide range of oil products, including high-quality motor fuel, bitumen.

Oil is supplied to the refinery by rail, pipeline, shipment is carried out by rail, water and road transport, as well as pipeline.

In 2015, the plant completely switched to the production of marketable products of environmental class K5.

Since 2017, the Syzran Refinery has been producing new grades of road bitumen: BND-100/130 and BND-70/100.

In 2018, the plant carried out technical re-equipment of the central plant laboratory.

In 2018, the main investments were directed to the implementation of a comprehensive plant modernization program, including the construction of a catalytic cracking complex with general facilities, a diesel fuel hydrotreatment complex and an MTBE production unit, as well as the implementation of digitalization and operational efficiency improvement projects.